Why Should You Use Sunscreen On Acne-Prone Skin

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Why should you use Sunscreen on Acne-prone Skin

Women all over the world face skin problems. Most common in these problems are acne and pimple outbreaks. Acne and pimple can even leave marks and blemishes even after they are gone, which can become very unsightly and take too long to disappear.

But did you know that exposure to the rays of the sun can aggravate your skin’s condition? This is why it is important to use sunscreen if you have acne prone skin.

Why should you use sunscreen on acne-prone skin?

Individuals who have acne-prone skin, experiencing outbreaks, or undergoing medication need to take extra measures to protect their skin from the sun. The rays of the sun can further aggravate the skin’s condition and prevent it from naturally healing itself.

Acne and acne blemishes take longer to heal when constantly exposed to the sun’s rays. This is because the sun can lessen the skin’s natural oils and reduces moisture, taking it longer to heal. Also exposing your acne blemishes to the sun can make them darker and look worse.

When you are using products or medication that targets acne and aims to heal it, applying sun protection is important as the rays of the sun can counter their effect. It is important to consult your dermatologist about the correct sunscreen that you should be using since different skin types also need a different corresponding sunscreen.

What types of sunscreen should you look for?

Look for a sunscreen that does not clog the pores

Since you already have acne-prone skin and experiencing breakouts, you should look for a sunscreen that will not further clog your pores. You will want to look for a sunscreen that has light ingredients that will still protect you from the sun.

Use a powder sunscreen over your makeup

Using powder sunscreen that has light and natural ingredients can add another layer of protection for your skin. Applying a powder sunscreen over your makeup will not only protect your skin from the sun but will also help your makeup stay in place.

Look for a sunscreen that will work with other products

One of the common things that people tend to overlook is that some products may not work well with other products. Using sunscreen can work well on its own but may sometimes lessen its effectiveness when you put another product over it. It is advisable to look for a sunscreen that will work well with other products or makeup.

Look for a sunscreen that has zinc oxide

One of the essential ingredients that should be included in your sunscreen should be zinc oxide. Unlike other sunscreens that use chemicals that can harm the skin, zinc oxide is a mineral-based ingredient that effectively blocks the sun. Furthermore, there have been claims from zinc oxide sunscreen users that this type of sunscreen even helped zap out their zits!

Use a sunscreen that does not dry your skin

While it may be appealing not to have oily skin when using sunscreen, using a product that dries out the skin will make things worse. Using a product that dries your skin and removes its natural oils can make your skin more prone to acne. Your skin needs the right amount of oils for it to remain healthy.

Should you totally keep out of the sun?

The answer is yes. Even though you should use sunscreen on your acne-prone skin, this does not mean that your body does not need the sun’s rays at all. Our body needs the right amount of vitamin D since this can help protect against skin cancer.

Every individual, whether or not he or she has acne needs a little sun exposure to keep the skin healthy. Skin that is over-protected and does not receive any vitamin D from the sun’s rays can become unhealthy and can prevent the skin from having its natural glow.


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