Top 10 Natural Japanese Skin care Secrets to Perfect Your Skin

Top 10 Natural Japanese Skin care

Japanese women are known all over the world for their white and flawless skin. Because of the way their skin look, they gain the appearance of looking younger than their actual age. Many have asked how Japanese women have been able to achieve this. What is their secret?

This article will go through the top 10 natural Japanese skin care secrets to perfect your skin that has been used by Japanese women. You will be amazed that the secret to Japanese beauty does not rely much on cosmetics and products.

     1. Healthy diet

Rice is a staple food in meals of Asian countries. This food is rich in vitamins and minerals that help the skin glow.  In addition to rice, a steady diet of fish, seaweed and other vegetables provide Japanese women the vitamins, fibers and minerals that they need. This healthy diet that is low on fats, sugar and preservatives are generally good for the body and the skin. This is why Japanese women not only have a healthy body, this also shows on their skin and complexion.

      2. Natural oils and essences

Most of us use cleansers and makeup removers to clean our faces. Unlike most of us, Japanese women use natural oils as their cleansers and makeup removers. While we tend to believe that using oil on our faces can contribute to oil buildup and acne formation, using oil in fact cleanses better. The reason for this is that oil has the capacity to remove other oils and lift up dirt from the skin. There are natural oils like lavender and chamomile that gives the skin a healthy glow in addition to removing dirt.

     3. Regular Exfoliating

Japanese women make sure that they exfoliate their face and body at least once a week. In doing this, dirt that cannot be removed from simple washing and cleansing are lifted off from the skin’s pores. Using gentle scrubs and natural salts on the face and body are an effective way of removing dirt on the skin, especially on the face. In addition, exfoliating not only removes dirt but gives your skin a healthy pinkish glow. This is because of the gentle circular motions done on the surface of the skin when exfoliating.

     4. Bird droppings

Yes you heard that right. Japanese women use bird droppings as part of their facial treatment regimen since the 17th century. Bird droppings have a compound ingredient called guanine that helps reduce wrinkles and brighten the skin tone. Also they help in cleaning the pores and give your skin a healthy glow. Because of the benefits caused by bird droppings, this practice has been gaining international recognition. Some brands have already been using these as their ingredient in their products.

     5. Sun Protection

Ever wondered why Japanese women are fair-skinned? This is because of the extra caution they take to protect themselves from the harmful rays of the sun. Exposure to UV rays not only causes skin darkening but wrinkles and fine lines as well. As much as possible, Japanese women avoid exposure to direct sunlight. If they have to go out, they make sure to apply high SPF lotion and creams all over their bodies. They also carry around umbrellas, hats and sunglasses for double protection.

     6. Rice Water

Japanese women do not only consume rice as part of their diet. They also use rice water to wash their faces and bodies. Rice water can be the water where the rice was boiled, or even the water where it was rinsed before cooking. The high amount of starch in rice water is effective in soothing and softening the skin.

     7. Face masks

Asian and Japanese women love to use face masks because of the instant effects it can give the skin. Face masks can vary from pastes applied directly to the skin, cloth soaked in flower or tea water, and tissue face masks both in stores. These masks contain natural essences that can instantly improve one’s skin condition and deeply moisturize it. One natural ingredient that Japanese women love to use is the crushed Adzuki beans mixed with water and applied directly on the face.

     8. Green Tea

Green tea has now been internationally recognized for the amazing benefits it can do to our body. Japanese women have been using green tea for centuries because of these benefits. Drinking a cup of green tea a day can improve your body’s overall health. This is because of the anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties found in green tea. Not only do they drink green tea, they also use it for acne treatment. A cotton ball or towel soaked in green tea is applied directly on acne to reduce swelling and inflammation effectively.

     9. Facial massage

Japanese women take extra time to massage their faces. Just like any part of the body, a gentle massage in circular motions relaxes the muscles and promotes healthy blood flow. A healthy blood flow helps in cell regeneration which produces healthy skin and removes dead skin cells. Furthermore, doing regular facial massages prevents and lessens wrinkles while also toning the facial muscles to prevent it from sagging.

     10. Shaving

As surprising as it may sound, Japanese women shave their faces. They use blades that are especially made for shaving the thin hairs around the upper lip and cheek areas. These small hairs may not appear visible to other people, but removing them can work wonders for your overall facial care. Removing facial hair can let the skin absorb the creams and toners applied better.

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