Healthy Diet Tips to Remove Acne Fast!

People often have the wrong notion that acne breakout will only happen during the period of their youth and puberty. This is why a great number of individuals are shocked to find out that they are still having acne breakouts even when they are well past puberty.

We all want to have a fresh-looking and vibrant face that is free from acne, but there are times when we experience these breakout. This article will guide you on the most common causes of acne and will give you a quick and easy guide on getting rid of acne through a healthy eating lifestyle.


Acne is a quite common occurrence among people, the only difference lies on the amount and frequency of it occurring among individuals. There are those whose skin do not require a huge amount of tending to, while there are those who need to pay close attention to their skin care to avoid breakouts from happening. According to dermatologist, acne breakouts occur primarily because of our skin’s sebaceous glands having a secretion dysfunction. Dysfunctions in the sebaceous glands of our skins are often affected by the weather and environment changes, food intake, unhealthy skin care, and lack of essential nutrients needed by our bodies. When our sebaceous glands are ‘disrupted’ from your normal routine, they automatically secrete a large amount of sebum. This often causes sebum to clog the skins hair follicles, which then attracts germs and bacteria to build up on your pores. This then becomes the root cause of acne breakouts. Having an unhealthy eating lifestyle and improper skin care will aggravate acne to breakouts.


As we have discussed earlier, there are multiple causes of acne that we have to look out for. We will now discuss the various foods and drinks that you can incorporate with your daily meals to help clear out acne and avoid future breakouts from happening.

  1. Potatoes

Potatoes, in their fresh state, contain a huge amount of vitamins and lycopene. These are crucial nutrients that help our body to regenerate new skin cells while also removing and lightening dark skin pigments. Having a regular intake of potatoes can also help your body to ward off risks of skin cancer.

In addition to eating potatoes, you can also make your own potato mask which you can leave on your face for a number of minutes to effectively decrease the amount of acne.

  1. Cabbage

Cabbages are rich in antioxidant that help nourish the skin. It also has iron, vitamin A and vitamin E that prevents acne from breaking out.

  1. Cucumber


Cucumbers are rich in vitamin E that promote cell separation, which slows the aging process of our skin. Regularly consuming cucumbers can effectively nourish the skin from the inside. Cucumbers are not only soothing as facial masks, but they are effective in lightening acne marks, freckles and even wrinkles.

  1. Avocado

Avocados are rich in omega-3 fatty acids that are great in helping the skin to reduce the damages caused by acne breakouts. Consuming avocados during acne breakouts can effectively decrease the possibility of having acne scars and blemishes.

  1. Nuts (peanuts, beans, …)

Nuts like peanuts and cashews are rich in vitamin E, cephalin and lecithin that are proven to effectively slow down skin ageing. These nutrients also help in promoting our skin’s healthy glow.


Spinach are also rich in vitamin E and protein that promotes healthy blood circulation in our skin and body. This is especially helpful in fighting skin inflammation caused by acne. Furthermore, a sufficient amount of collagen will also promote a toned and youthful skin.

          7.Red tubers (carrots, tomatoes, …)

Red tubers like carrots and tomatoes are rich in vitamins A and E that help balance and heal skin cells, producing smoother skin. Vitamin A, also known as beta-carotene produce the same effects of retinoid drugs that are meant to treat acne. Drinking a glass of carrot or tomato juice, or a mixture of both, every day can effectively improve your skin’s capacity to fight off acne. You can also use these as ingredients in your meals.


  1. Oranges, lemons…

Citrus fruits like oranges and lemons are rich in vitamin C, iron and calcium which are effective in lightening skin. You can eat these fruits raw or have them as juices.

  1. Water

The most essential yet often overlooked part of a healthy diet is water. Having a healthy amount of water intake, depending on your body’s daily needs is effective in clearing acne and preventing it from coming back. Having ample amounts of water in your body is effective in flushing out toxins that promotes acne buildup.

By incorporating these healthy ingredients in your daily meals, you can have a healthier skin that can fight off acne and prevent breakouts  from happening in the future. Just be sure to use fresh ingredients and find the best recipes where the nutrients of these ingredients will not be stripped off during the cooking process. Always remember, what you eat will greatly affect how you will look on the outside!

Anna Daniels

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