How to choose a cleanser suitable for your skin type

Selection of cleanser is a very important stage in the process of beautification of the skin that you need to be aware of. Understanding your skin and knowing how to choose a cleanser suitable for your skin type will help you improve your skin drastically.

Cleaning facial cleanses the skin every day with fairly simple mechanism yet provides a smooth, fairer and a lot cleaner skin. However, choosing a cleanser suitable for your skin type is very difficult, because if you pick up the wrong cleanser, your skin becomes drier, acne prone and chances of skin irritation is high. So, today we will teach you how to recognize the skin types, so that you can choose the most suitable cleanser for your skin type.

  1. Oily skin

Characteristics: sebaceous gland activity often spills, causing greasy, enlarged pores. This skin type very easily attracts dust, secrets excess mucus in addition to clogging pores. People with oily skin type are most likely to have acne.


– Foaming facial wash.

– There are components of clay. Clay has the roughness that will take away dirt and slime.

– There are natural extracts (green tea extract, aloe vera, chamomile).

– Do not wash your face with the cleanser twice a day, because the skin oil glands will secrete more.

  1. Dry skin

Characteristics: Dry skin, rough, slightly burning when washing the face, small scales can appear, less pimples, but laughter wrinkles are prominent.


– Creamy cleanser.

– There are additional components of moisture, oils extracted.

– Cool slightly, just enough ability to bleach, do not lose the natural oils of the skin.

– Contains antioxidants.

  1. Sensitive skin

Characteristics: This skin type is quite “hard way”: Thin, irritated, or itchy, red rash when exposed to external agents such as cosmetics, or dust.


– Form of a gel, low foam to avoid skin irritation.

– Limit contain flavoring, coloring.

– Mild detergent formula.

– Should be used before a period of time, see skin reactions and reduce the dose or change creams.

  1. Combination skin

Characteristics: Anonymous combination of dry skin in the cheeks, chin and lubricants in the T-zone


Coordination between the two types of cleanser:

– Foam cleanser in the daytime to limit greasy.

– Cleanser for dry skin at night.


Note when choosing a cleanser

Besides choosing yourself a suitable cleanser for the skin to improve the efficiency of your beauty there are still various issues that need you to pay attention. These are:

Restricting the products containing multiple colors and aromas

Coloring and flavoring synthesis will harm the skin. So please remove these products from your beauty diary as soon as possible.

Remove the cleanser containing a large number of chemicals.

Chemicals in the cleanser may have immediate effects such as whitening, cleansing of the skin but deep harm as it leaves your skin eroded and weakened making it prone to disease.

Apparently the origin

Say no to the cleanser that comes without any information regarding its origin, date of manufacture and expiry date. Do not choose sub-standard products as they can do more harm than good to your skin.

Wash your face properly

Many people believe that the longer they wash their face, better and cleaner their skin will become. However this is not true as the matter of fact is that the best time to wash the face is from 30 seconds – 1 minute because if you wash your face too long, it will cause dry skin and loss of emulsion (protective layer of skin) skin is weakened and vulnerable from the external environment.

Facial massage properly: Using the two ring fingers (finger with the lightest force on hand), gently spiraling upward on the inside and out to help, clean the skin and go against dimensional skin aging.


Through a selection of cleanser tips above, you probably already have “solutions” safe for your skin, right! Keep checking the appropriate cleanser for your skin type and pick up the best cosmetics for yourself.

Anna Daniels

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