How to have beautiful skin after brith

During your pregnancy period, you seem to discharge a luminous glow. But even the charming pigmentation can use pamper – especially in the summer season. Your skin shines lesser than before because of the sun, chlorine, your variance in hormones and sweat, if you won’t care it properly.

Avoid Acne and look beautiful after Pregnancy period

Many women are disgusted with skin issue that arrives post-delivery, after flushing with euphoric and glowing skin during pregnancy period. They become upset for their down of beauty after delivery of the baby and aren’t more attractive to their hubbies. But, there are also appropriate resolutions for all skin issues, to make the women happy for ever.

Let’s have detailed overlook on following skin issues

  1. Acne:


During the pregnancy period, skin becomes ridiculously oily because of high progesterone levels, thus developing the acne issues.  Following to delivery of a baby, you may burst out in acne, even if your skin was in a good condition throughout your pregnancy period. Hence, Acne occurs instantly and following resolutions should be followed by you.


  • Make sure that you are cleansing your face through a suitable cleanser twice a day.
  • For better cleansing, you need to use a mild sponge with smaller smooth granules once a week.
  • You need to apply a smooth oil-free moisturizer two times a day i.e. morning and night.
  • Use mild or natural cleaning products like aloe Vera and eucalyptus for safe cleaning process.
  1. Pigmentation or Melasma (Dark spots on skin)


Pigmentation or Melasma is the kind of skin disease having numerous dark spots or patches on your skin. These are created because of high levels of progesterone & estrogen during pregnancy period. You can vanish away the post-delivery dark spots on your body or the line marks that runs below your naval area through following solutions.


  • You can reduce the dark spots on your face easily and will be most likely disappeared around one-year post birth.
  • To ensure you don’t get the pigmentation worse or get new dark spots, you must use a sunscreen regularly, even if you have a tendency to stay indoors.
  • If you stay indoors by using a sunscreen with SPF 15 or 30 or 50 during the daytime and cover your skin up with the best possible ways, then it will have a good impact.
  • Need to use specific moisturizer made for recovering the pigmented skin.
  1. Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes:


These occur due to updating in hormone levels and the restless moment after giving birth to a baby. Your eyes show the exhaustion your body suffers in the form of grasping up eyes or black circles. There are simple solutions for this and one easier solution is given below.


  • Make sure you have at least 8 to 10 glasses of water per day and have a recommended diet.
  • Need to take a nap only after the baby sleeps, though it may seem peculiar to sleep for short durable naps several times a day, this is the best practice to have some better sleep and relax.
  • Paste a doctor recommended brand eye cream on and around of dark circles and swollen eyes.
  1. Stretch Marks:


Stretch lines or marks tend to be the most obstinate ones to get relieved. As the name declares, it is originated due to the pull out of the skin. Due to the instant shrinkage of the skin post delivery, the skin creates small shreds, causing it to get flinched in certain areas of the body. These are normally found in the stomach, buttocks, thighs, behind the knee areas and breast,


  • The way to restrict creating stretch marks in the beginning time of pregnancy is to start applying a high quality moisturizer containing enough olive oil or a doctor prescribed anti-stretch mark cream in the issue areas of the body to target on your stomach and breasts.
  • You can also apply a regular massage on your stomach and breasts with olive oil on a daily basis to keep them oily and avoid creating stretch marks.
  • Post delivery, if you have originated stretch lines or marks use a high branded anti-stretch mark cream on the affected places.
  • One of the simple important measures for diminishing stretch marks is a proper diet and regular exercise. Post observing with your doctor, you can begin with some light exercises or yoga or brisk walking, to help you diminish the stretch marks.


If this has caused to you, should not worry – this is a normal effect. After so many alterations that take place in the different areas of your body during and post pregnancy, it is compulsory to affect your skin too. But, be aware about the side effects of the creams and oils you are applying your skins, because of compatibility issues. So, you need to use the creams initially on some small area and following the successful result, you can apply the same cream over all affected areas of the body.

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