4 Important Natural beauty tips for white skin

Every individual has a passion for a skin that is white and free of divergence. Having an even skin timbre and a fairer pigmentation is a sensitive task owing to various skin categories and characteristics. Overblown programs make it difficult to get recovered well planned skin care that most of us carry out synthetic options of cosmetic materials to have light-toned skin.

Find the secrecy of white skin of Beauty queens

Utilization of cosmetics and makeup products is the simplest way for the faster fairness and all the cosmetics may be effective or non-effective. But, for an everlasting shine of innermost skin and fair pigmentation, none is more useful than natural products. The negative effect is lesser than the cosmetic components.

Grow whiteness of your skin through natural ingredients

Some of the common and effortlessly available natural products are helpful for having white skin and all natural procedures are discussed below.

  1. Apple and Milk paste:

    Apple contains some of the super skin elevating compounds that improve the plasticity and color of the skin. The supernatural compound alpha hydroxy acids available in an apple enrich the skin tone and recommence the skin cells. Milk is a natural brightness toner and cleansing component. It makes skin whitening and compact enough. The mixed mask of Apple and milk are very much potential for improvement of pigmentation.

Major components: Apple & Milk

Procedure to make Apple & Milk paste:

  • Take off the skin of the apple and immerse the slices in raw, cold milk for 15 to 30 minutes
  • Grind it well to smooth paste
  • Cool off the paste in the freezer for about 20 minutes
  • Mix a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice
  • Put on the paste all over face and neck
  • Cleanse with cool water after 20 minutes


Make sure, that the paste is not touching the eye otherwise it can cause negative effect on vision.

  1. Almond and Milk Paste:

    Almond is a natural skin whitening component that removes out spots and puts down skin complexion. Almond nut paste and oil both help skin blaze within short time.

Major components: Almond, Milk & Rose water

Making and applying process

Submerge 6 to 8 almonds in milk overnight and then make a soft paste of milk and almond. Now add little rose water and start putting on face and neck and make it dry for some time. Now cleanse the face with water neatly and you can reduce the complexion of the skin easily. For instance: black skin turns into white by reduction of black complexion. In the case of facial, black and white colors are inversely related to each other. Precaution is same as the Apple and Milk paste application.

  1. Potato and Honey paste

Shine in the face is one of the important aspects to look pretty. Even though we follow a lot of ways to become gorgeous, without this shines in our face, it is just misspend of time. So here’s another natural tip that can bring radiation on your face and can make you shine better than before. Go through this easier procedure and show your realty to the world.

Major components: Potato, Honey, Milk, Olive oil

How to make

Initially boil two or three potatoes and make a good paste and add one teaspoon quantity from each remaining components such as olive oil, milk and honey.

Now mix all components firmly and prepare a fine paste and apply it on your face like a face cream. Leave it dry for about 15 to 25 minutes and clean it off neatly with smooth boiled water. Now see the differences.

  1. Tomato Juice: 

    Tomato is well-known as the source of citric acid, which is used as an agent for the other skin whitening purpose. It drastically diminishes melanin generation, whitening skin timbre and helps skin whitening. Also, tomato juice is a popular natural cleanser that abolishes oil and dust and preserves the skin from dangerous Ultra Violet rays.

Major components: Tomato, Baking Soda, Honey

Procedure: Grind a tomato into a fine paste and mix with one teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon baking soda. Now your required juice is ready. Paste it gently over the neck and face. After drying up the same wipe it off with water perfectly and see your skin is absolutely free from Dust.


You can have many procedures or tips to use the natural products for facial purpose. But, the thing is that all products are not suitable for everybody. So, before applying them, it is wise to taste them on your hand skin to make sure about any non-infection. Sometimes, homemade facials can be fatal, if it is not tasted before applying on the face.

Anna Daniels

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